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At Nona’s Home Care, we offer a range of personal care services, delivered by highly-trained and experienced caregivers. We foster independence, while simultaneously providing assistance, as needed, with all activities of daily living.

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24-Hour Care

Our 24-Hour Care services enable us to respond quickly to any emergency or problem that requires immediate attention. At Nona’s Home Care, we offer around-the-clock in-home care services to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve. Contact us today and learn how you can benefit from our 24-Hour Care services.

Provided Services


Medication Administration / Reminders



Toileting & Continence Care

Toileting & Continence Care


Bathing / Dressing / Grooming


Transferring / Mobility


General Hygiene


Supervision of Well-Being




Physical Therapy


Schedule/ Appointments Management

caregiver assistance

Dementia Care

home senior care San Diego - Resources

home senior care San Diego

Services Offered in Home Senior Care

At Nona's Home Care, we understand the importance of personalized service in ensuring the wellbeing of seniors. Our comprehensive suite of services includes 24-hour care, Alzheimer's and dementia care, companion services, after-hospital support, personal care, physical therapy, and transportation assistance, all designed to cater to the unique needs of each client.

Benefits of Home Senior Care

Home senior care allows individuals to receive the support they need in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes, promoting a sense of independence and well-being. It's not just about medical care; it's about enhancing the quality of life for seniors with personalized attention and care.

Cost of Home Senior Care in San Diego

While the cost can vary based on the specific needs and required level of care, we at Nona's Home Care are committed to providing transparent and competitive pricing. We offer free consultations to discuss your requirements and budget, ensuring no hidden costs.

Qualifications and Training of Caregivers

Caregiver Selection: All our caregivers are thoroughly vetted and selected for their compassion, experience, and dedication. Training: They undergo rigorous training to meet our high standards, ensuring skilled and empathetic care for our clients.

Finding the Right Home Senior Care Agency

Choosing the right home care provider is crucial. At Nona's Home Care, we prioritize building trust and understanding with our clients. Our exceptional service and dedicated staff set us apart, making us a preferred choice in San Diego.

Home Adaptations for Senior Safety

We also advise and assist in making necessary home modifications to ensure the safety and comfort of seniors, helping prevent accidents and supporting mobility within their living space.

Activities and Socialization for Seniors in Home Care

Engagement and socialization are vital for the wellbeing of seniors. Our caregivers are trained to facilitate various activities and social interactions, catering to the interests and abilities of each senior, fostering a rich and fulfilling daily life.

Meal Planning and Nutrition for Seniors

Proper nutrition is a cornerstone of health for seniors. We provide personalized meal planning and preparation services, ensuring dietary needs are met with delicious and nutritious meals tailored to individual health requirements and preferences.

Medication Management in Home Senior Care

Our caregivers are equipped to assist with medication management, ensuring that seniors take their prescribed medication correctly and on time, providing peace of mind for families.

Transportation Options for Seniors in Home Care

We offer transportation assistance to help seniors maintain their appointments and social engagements, fostering independence while ensuring safety and convenience.

Respite Care for Family Caregivers

Providing care for a loved one can be rewarding but also demanding. Nona's Home Care offers respite care services to give family caregivers the much-needed break to rejuvenate, ensuring the continuous provision of high-quality care for their loved one.

End-of-Life Care Options in Home Senior Care

We provide compassionate end-of-life care, supporting seniors and their families through this challenging time with dignity and care, ensuring comfort and peace in the final days.

Legal and Financial Considerations for Home Senior Care

Understanding the legal and financial aspects of home senior care is imperative. We guide our clients through the process, helping them make informed decisions about the care and support their loved ones receive.

At Nona's Home Care, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized care to seniors in San Diego. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our clients, offering them the support they need to live comfortably and safely in their own homes. Visit our website or contact us directly to learn more about how we can support you and your loved ones.

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