San Diego Home Senior Caregiving

Nona’s Home Care San Diego senior care offers the highest quality of caregiving for the senior in your life. Our home care is highly tailored to meet the specific needs of each senior we serve. We know that no two seniors are alike, so no two home care plans are alike either.

Whether your loved one is suffering from a severe and chronic disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or dementia, or you just need someone to provide transportation or companionship to your loved one, Nona’s Home Care can help.

Services Nona’s Home Care San Diego Senior Care Provides

Medication Pick Up, Reminders, and Administration

As people get older, they tend to need more and more medications, and that medication becomes ever more essential to health and well-being. Unfortunately, older people can have a hard time remembering what medication they need to pick up and when they’re supposed to take it.

Nona’s Home Care San Diego senior care can pick up medication, with or without the senior being present, remind the senior to take it when required, and administer it. The extensive experience that Nona’s Home Care providers have with various medications and their administration means we know what questions to ask and tricks to employ to make medication management as simple and comfortable for your loved one as possible.

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Whether across the house, down the block, or for a several-hour trip, San Diego senior care from Nona’s Home Care is happy to provide whatever kind of transportation your loved one needs. You may think that the seniors in your life have their needs met at home. After all, you can take them on a trip or help them pick up groceries.

However, transportation can be more important for San Diego senior care than just meeting essential needs. Seniors often suffer from a feeling of isolation, but transportation to and from a volunteer opportunity, a get-together with friends, or something else that makes them feel like themselves can prevent that loneliness and confusion from taking hold.

Hygiene, Toileting, and Continence Care

It’s difficult for many seniors to take care of themselves well. Poor hygiene can quickly lead to infections and reduced quality of life. Perhaps you’re happy to take care of every aspect of caregiving, but assisting with personal hygiene is difficult for you to do. Nona’s Home Care San Diego home senior caregiving can keep your loved one clean while enabling them to keep their dignity and preventing you from having to do anything to care for your loved one that you’d rather not do.

Companionship and General Well-Being

Perhaps the senior in your life is doing quite well in regards to their health and everyday functioning, but you’ve noticed that they just don’t seem as excited about everyday life as they once were. Many seniors suffer from loneliness and a sense of isolation. Nona’s Home Care San Diego home senior caregiving offers a dependable companion, a neutral listener, and a friend to accompany your loved one wherever they’d like to go.

Medical Care and Physical Therapy

Nona’s Home Care San Diego senior care givers are qualified to assist your loved one with a wide range of medical conditions. Your loved one may be managing diseases of aging like dementia or Alzheimer’s or they may have lifelong conditions like asthma or heart disease.

Nona’s Home Care caregivers have experience with these kinds of conditions so they can provide whatever medication management, physical therapy, etc. is required for the senior to thrive in a home environment. Furthermore, they can communicate with medical staff and transport the senior to and from doctor and therapy appointments.

24-Hour Home Care

Nona’s Home Care San Diego senior care offers these services on whatever level your family requires. Perhaps you need care 24/7 to enable a senior to stay at home instead of putting them in a facility. Maybe you only need a couple of hours a week to transport your loved ones to appointments or spend some time with them. Whatever you need from San Diego home senior caregiving, Nona’s Home Care is happy to meet your needs and grow with you.

Consider Nona’s Home Care San Diego Senior Care

Struggling to provide the kind of care that the senior in your life needs? Are you thinking about putting your loved one in a facility even though that’s not really what either of you want? If you’re considering difficult choices because you’re not sure how to provide the care your loved one needs, look into Nona’s Home Care for San Diego home senior caregiving.

Nona’s Home Care caregivers can enable your loved one to age in place gracefully and safely, rather than in a facility they’re unfamiliar with. Since so many older people do much better in a familiar environment, it’s well worth looking into San Diego senior care before you make the decision to find a facility for the senior in your life

Why Nona’s Home Care Caregiving Services?


Dedicated and Compassionate Senior Caregiving

Our at home senior care is provided by caregivers who are passionate about helping people live their best lives, regardless of age. Several of our senior home care professionals have been with us for nearly two decades because of the unmatched support and training we offer.

Dependable At Home Senior Care

You can count on your senior home caregiver to be there for regular shifts as the years go by. However, if ever there is ever an unforeseen emergency, we always have qualified caregivers standing by.


Senior Caregiving on Your Terms

With no weekly minimums or deposits, you’re in control of your schedule. Change plans or cancel senior home care within 24 hours without any penalties or obligations.

We accept long term care benefits from all major carriers. Including, but not limited to:

How do I Get Started with Home Caregiving Services?

Senior care services from Nona’s Home Care are sure to reduce the stress in your life, so don’t feel anxious about getting started. With our schedule flexibility, you can give a caretaker a try and adjust or cancel as you like. Get started with a free consultation to help you see how home caregiving services can fit into your life.

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