San Diego and Orange County After Hospital Home Care

If your loved one is at a hospital or rehab center, do you have an after-care plan once they’re released? Transitioning from the hospital back to home can be a dangerous endeavor.

Without the support system of the hospital, falls, medication mix-ups, and a failure to meet sanitation needs are more likely, especially until the patient adjusts to being home again.

Your loved one may be anxious to get out of the hospital, but concerns like these may be keeping you from encouraging their release. Studies show that keeping someone in hospitals increases the likelihood for medical complications and disease. However, after hospital senior care can put your mind at rest and smooth out the transition from hospital to home. Furthermore, after hospital home care can take the pressure off of you as you help your loved one come home.

Here are just a few of the things that post hospital senior caregiving can take care of for your family.

  • Reminders to follow discharge instructions
  • Management of medication, including picking up prescriptions, dropping off samples, etc.
  • Transportation to follow-up appointments and therapy
  • Communication with healthcare providers on behalf of the care team
  • Grocery shopping, meal preparation, and assistance with eating
After Hospital Care

In What Circumstances Might After Hospital Home Care be Necessary?

Post hospital senior caregiving can be useful after any kind of hospital stay. In general, the more serious the reason for being at the hospital, the more difficult the transition to home. However, even some seemingly minor hospital visits require a significant transition to being at home. Here are a few of the most common reasons that after hospital senior care might be required.

Post Hospital Senior Caregiving Provides Assistance with Mobility Impairment

If your loved one went into the hospital because of a broken hip, severely sprained back, or some other kind of mobility issue, getting around back at home is likely to be a challenge. Hospitals are equipped with all kinds of equipment to make it easier to get in and out of bed, take a shower, etc.

Once at home, your loved one will need to learn how to adjust to their new limited mobility in a setting not designed to accommodate it. At the same time, as your loved one goes through physical therapy and improves, they’ll keep pushing themselves to do more, which can lead to more concerns.

After hospital home care can work with your loved one to figure out how to move through the environment without re-injuring themselves as well as physically supporting them to prevent injury.

Prevention of Pneumonia and Other Issues Post-Hospitalization

Pneumonia isn’t common after surgery, but the anesthesia used in surgery and the lack of mobility during recovery can make it more likely. With after hospital senior care, we will remind patients to breathe deeply and cough, clearing the lungs to keep pneumonia from developing.

After hospital home care can provide excellent hygiene, air circulation, hydration, and nutrition, which are so important in preventing infections and other problems from developing. It can be very difficult for someone who is recovering to pay attention to things like cleaning the bathroom or even themselves regularly. Post hospital senior caregiving ensures a hygienic environment to foster healing.

After Hospital Senior Care Helps Patients Stick to Doctor’s Orders

Once you’re finally released from the hospital, it’s a common impulse to indulge in some of the things you missed while you were there. It’s very common for people who have been recently released from the hospital to eat unhealthy foods, drink to excess, or skip the medications that have been causing undesirable side effects.

However, this kind of behavior can easily result in serious issues. Post hospital senior caregiving ensures that the patient sticks to the doctor’s orders. They remind patients to take their medications, prepare healthy meals that follow dietary restrictions, and assist with therapy. This kind of assistance from after hospital home care can make the difference in how quickly and thoroughly a patient recovers.

Seek Out Quality After Hospital Senior Care

Nona’s Home Care staffs caregivers with thorough training and significant experience, sometimes up to two decades working with Nona’s Home Care. We’ll match you to a caregiver that meets your specific needs. If they’re unavailable for any reason, we always have backup caregivers ready to assist your loved one. You may not be sure just how much assistance you’ll need after the hospital, and that’s okay. Nona’s Home Care offers flexible scheduling that lets you keep adjusting your schedule up to 24 hours before the shift.

Why Choose Nona’s Home Care?


Our Caregivers Love Working for Us and You

We have almost no turnover among our senior care services because we create a supportive work environment, with plenty of training to enable our senior caregiving staff to thrive in their careers.


Never be Left Without the Care You Need

You’ll love the relationship you form with a dedicated caregiver during regularly scheduled shifts. However, if ever there is an unforeseen emergency, you won’t need to worry about being left without coverage. We have unmatched staff availability.


Senior Care Services Only When You Need Them

Change or cancel shifts with at least 24 hours notice without any kind of penalties or obligations. We don’t require weekly minimums or deposits either, so you have total control over your schedule.

We accept long term care benefits from all major carriers. Including, but not limited to:

How do I start my home care?

Senior care services from Nona’s Home Care are sure to reduce the stress in your life, so don’t feel anxious about getting started. With our schedule flexibility, you can give a caretaker a try and adjust or cancel as you like. Get started with a free consultation to help you see how home caregiving services can fit into your life.

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