After Surgery Care in San Diego and Orange County

Regardless of why you have had surgery, good after surgery care is key to a successful recovery. Typically, you will be discharged from the hospital well before you are fully recovered from surgery. Recovering at home by yourself can be a challenge, especially for older people.

Once a senior returns home from the hospital, risks for medication mistakes, falls, severe pain, poor diet and hygiene, increase considerably. Post-surgical senior caregiving can make recovery much easier, more comfortable, and safer.

What Does After Surgery Senior Care Do?

After surgery care handles every element of caregiving once the senior returns home, and has a role to play even while they’re still at the hospital. Qualified after surgery caregivers are experienced in a variety of post-surgical senior caregiving situations, so they know just what questions to ask.

They’ll discuss a care plan with doctors, nurses, or discharge planners, making sure that every detail is personalized to the patient and takes into account their particular needs. They’ll look at instructions for medication, therapy, diet, etc., ensuring everything is straightforward and easy to implement.

An after surgery senior caregiver thinks about things like whether medications can be grouped or actually need to be given at the exact hours they’re scheduled for to avoid waking the patient up in the evening more than necessary, or whether a prescription for a laxative would be a good idea considering the patient hasn’t had a bowel movement recently. Once post-surgical senior caregiving moves into the home, they will be responsible for a wide range of activities, as requested:


  • Transportation to post-op appointments, follow-ups, or physical therapy
  • Grocery shopping and food preparation according to the doctor’s dietary recommendations
  • Prescription pick-up and medication reminders
  • Authorized communication with family, loved ones, and healthcare providers so that everyone is on the same page for the plan of care
  • Companionship and support during a difficult time that is often frustrating and painful
After Surgery Care

Can After Surgery Senior Care Speed Recovery?

Every surgery and every individual is different. Seniors, especially, tend to have a harder time bouncing back from a surgical procedure. There is no guarantee that after surgery care will make recovery faster, but it is possible, and it is very likely that high-quality after surgery senior care will make complications less likely.

By maintaining good hygiene and wound care, post-surgical senior caregiving can prevent infections from taking hold. Healthy food and delicious meal preparation give the body the fuel it needs to heal itself. Careful compliance with discharges and doctor orders avoids any mishaps when it comes to medication management, and also makes it more likely that the after surgery care giver can recognize and ask about any undesirable side effects resulting from a medication protocol.

It can be very difficult for someone who is recovering from surgery to focus on all of the aspects of their own recovery and health. After surgery caretakers can take the load off and make sure nothing is overlooked.

Why Choose Nona’s Home Care for Postsurgical Senior Caregiving?

Nona’s Home Care has a superb reputation for home care, including after surgery senior care. Our caregivers love working for you and for us. We have virtually no staff turnover, with several of our staff members having been with us for nearly 20 years. We train and support our caregivers so they will have what they need to provide the best possible after surgery senior care to your loved one.

We’ll match you to a caregiver who can form a relationship with your loved one and your family. However, if for any reason they’re not available at any time, we always have backup caregivers on standby, ready to assist your family. We do not require deposits or weekly minimums, because we understand that after surgery care needs can be unpredictable.

Our client’s rave that we always promptly return calls, that our caregivers are extremely well-trained, and that patients are happy with the care they receive from us. You don’t want to take any risks with the post-surgical senior caregiving you choose for your family. Pick Nona’s Home Care so you can have total confidence that the after surgery care your loved one receives will make a great recovery in good time more likely.


Our Caregivers Love Working for Us and You

We have almost no turnover among our senior care services because we create a supportive work environment, with plenty of training to enable our senior caregiving staff to thrive in their careers.


Never be Left Without the Care You Need

You’ll love the relationship you form with a dedicated caregiver during regularly scheduled shifts. However, if ever there is an unforeseen emergency, you won’t need to worry about being left without coverage. We have unmatched staff availability.


Senior Care Services Only When You Need Them

Change or cancel shifts with at least 24 hours notice without any kind of penalties or obligations. We don’t require weekly minimums or deposits either, so you have total control over your schedule.

We accept long term care benefits from all major carriers. Including, but not limited to:

How do I start my home care?

Senior care services from Nona’s Home Care are sure to reduce the stress in your life, so don’t feel anxious about getting started. With our schedule flexibility, you can give a caretaker a try and adjust or cancel as you like. Get started with a free consultation to help you see how home caregiving services can fit into your life.

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