San Diego and Orange County Elder Home Caregiving Services

There are many challenges in getting older, but one of the hardest things for many seniors is thinking about leaving the home they love and going into a care facility.

If you or your loved one is struggling to maintain a home and take care of everyday tasks, but you don’t want them to go to an elder care facility, elder home caregiving services is a superb alternative.

Nona’s Home Care elder home care allows seniors to stay at home in the comfort of the familiar environment they have built for themselves, while also helping them age with grace and giving them plenty of free time to enjoy the things they love.

What Does Elder Home Caregiving Services Do?

Elder home care givers can take care of just about anything needed to empower seniors to get the most from their everyday life. Nona’s Home Care caregivers are trained and experienced in a wide range of caregiving, from helping with everyday tasks and meal prep to caring for people with medical concerns. Here are just a few of the areas in which elder care may be of assistance.


Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep

Many seniors take a great deal of joy in cooking and may also enjoy grocery shopping at times. However, as you get older and have less energy, you may decide that you’d rather spend your efforts on other activities. Perhaps you occasionally enjoy making a delicious dinner, but you don’t want to have to worry about every meal throughout the day.

Elder home care can take care of as much grocery shopping and meal prep as is desired. On the days a senior feels like cooking, the caregiver can step back. Not only does the elder caregiver help with meal preparation, but they can also consider doctor recommendations and dietary restrictions and develop a menu that is both delicious and healthy for the client.


A neat, clean, and well-organized home is much more pleasant to be in. For older people, it’s even more important to have a tidy home, as it can aid in safety and mental health. Good housekeeping prevents tripping hazards, ensures that there are always clean clothes and linens, and enables food to be prepared in sanitary environments.

A well-organized home can help people who are suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia to avoid confusion. Your elder home caregiver can take care of laundry, everyday cleaning and housekeeping, and other essential tasks around the house so that seniors will have a pleasant environment in which to live.

Companionship and Concern

Elder care isn’t just about the practical, physical aspects of caring for seniors. It’s also important for avoiding the loneliness and sense of social isolation that is so common and dangerous for the elderly. An elder caregiver will quickly become a treasured companion in the life of the elderly person.

They can assist with transportation to activities and events that the senior enjoys, set up and clean up after hobbies and projects, and generally offer the senior whatever assistance and friendship are needed for them to get the most out of every day. Furthermore, Nona’s Home Care elder home care givers have many years, often close to two decades, of experience caring for the elderly.

We know what to look for in regard to sleep, pain management, fall risks, cognitive function, overall happiness, and other assessments. We’ll look for any changes in condition and stay ahead of them before they cause greater problems.

Preventative Care

As people get older, existing health problems often get worse and new problems come up. Your loved one may be doing a good job managing their existing health problems, but they may not always be aware of when a worsening existing symptom or a new symptom indicates a need to contact a healthcare professional.

Companion care for seniors is constantly on the lookout for any issues and changes in condition. Our caregivers have extensive experience and training in taking care of the elderly, so they know what to look for. Furthermore, at home companion care for seniors can keep an eye on things like diet, exercise, sleep patterns, and medication management. They’ll likely be the first to know when a senior may not be taking care of themselves as well as they could be.

Consider at Home Companion Care for Seniors for The Older Loved One in Your Life

It can be challenging to decide when to look into companion care for seniors. If your loved one is still getting by, but you’re worried they’re missing out on some of the things they used to enjoy, it’s a good idea to look into a companion.

Nona’s Home Care understands that bringing a caregiver into your life is a little bit scary. We offer extremely flexible scheduling with cancellation at least 24 hours ahead of time with no penalties. Maybe we can help your loved one live a better life.

Why Choose Nona’s Home Care Elder Home Caregiving Services?

Nona’s Home Care caregivers typically stay with us for many years because we offer excellent training and support, to help them excel in their caregiving duties. We’ll match you to exactly the right caregiver for your specific needs and situation. However, if your usual caregiver isn’t available when you need them for any reason, we have well-qualified backup caregivers available to meet your needs.

We know that scheduling for elder home caregiving services can be challenging, especially at first as you’re working out your schedule and learning just what you need from a caregiver. That’s why we don’t require any weekly deposits or minimums, so you can stay in control of your schedule. Cancel or change it with at least 24 hours of notice with no penalty. Get in touch with Nona’s Home Care elder home care today and learn what a difference a caregiver can make in the life of an older person.


Our Caregivers Love Working for Us and You

We have almost no turnover among our senior care services because we create a supportive work environment, with plenty of training to enable our senior caregiving staff to thrive in their careers.


Never be Left Without the Care You Need

You’ll love the relationship you form with a dedicated caregiver during regularly scheduled shifts. However, if ever there is an unforeseen emergency, you won’t need to worry about being left without coverage. We have unmatched staff availability.


Senior Care Services Only When You Need Them

Change or cancel shifts with at least 24 hours notice without any kind of penalties or obligations. We don’t require weekly minimums or deposits either, so you have total control over your schedule.

We accept long term care benefits from all major carriers. Including, but not limited to:

How do I start my home care?

Senior care services from Nona’s Home Care are sure to reduce the stress in your life, so don’t feel anxious about getting started. With our schedule flexibility, you can give a caretaker a try and adjust or cancel as you like. Get started with a free consultation to help you see how home caregiving services can fit into your life.

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