Ben Barth

Nona’s Home Care Owner

Benjamin Barth

CA State Certified HCO & RCFE Administrator
Benjamin Barth is a native of San Diego, and his journey in assisted living and home care began 22 years ago in Los Angeles. After graduating from the University of Judaism with a major in bioethics, a career in the medical field was apparently on the horizon. However, a post-graduate trip to Israel led him away from medicine and towards the rabbinate.

While exploring his Jewish roots and heritage, Benjamin searched for a way to make a career that would unite his passion for medicine and community engagement. Upon his return to the United States, he stayed with friends in Los Angeles who coincidentally owned and operated several assisted living homes. His stay in Los Angeles proved to be a blessing and the turning point at which he realized his calling…providing care to seniors and those in need.

His strong humanitarian and philosophical senses impelled him to create the most nurturing, reliable, and comfortable environment possible for San Diego and Orange County’s senior and infirm population.